Who am I speaking to in Matthew's support team?

A big warm hello from Matthew's friendly support team! 

We want you to know that we read every single message. While we may not be able to respond to all of Matthew's fan mail and requests for advice (he gets a LOT!), we appreciate and cherish the frequent positive feedback, glowing reviews, and heartfelt testimonials submitted by our amazing community. 

Please reach out to us directly at support@howtogettheguy.com if you need any assistance, and we promise we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can! 

Bie, Courtney, Ferris, Fionnuala xx

Bie: I love embracing different cultures, traveling, and eating local delicacies. I was known for having 6 cats growing up, but I now have 3 dogs, all of which were given to me. I love taking care of my nephews and nieces whenever my siblings need to go anywhere. 

I'm the longest running member of Matthew's support team and still remember the early days of the company when Matthew worked from a cupboard in London!

Courtney: My name is Courtney; a lover of reality television (The Bachelor is my personal favorite), dogs, and quality time with my crazy family. I really enjoy writing music and baking – in fact, I hope to open a bakery with my mom someday! 

When I'm not perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe and talking to you lovely people, I spend my time working at a bridal boutique in Annapolis, Maryland. So, when Matthew helps you find your dream guy, come pay me a visit, and I'll help you find your dream dress. ;) 

Ferris: Hi there, Ferris here! I'm a Los Angeles native who graduated from Humboldt State University in the beautiful redwood forests of Northern California. I love helping Matthew help others and want to make sure you are happy! :)

When I'm not busy making sure every customer I interact with is ecstatic, I spend my time in coffee shops, taking pictures with old film cameras, or jumping on a plane somewhere!

Fionnuala: Hi I’m Fionnuala (fin-oo-la), originally from Ireland but currently living in Mexico! I love traveling, food and music. 

I studied Business and Sociology in Trinity College Dublin and love learning about different cultures and meeting people from all over the globe!

When I’m not having magical interactions with our lovely customers, I’m either chilling in a green space somewhere  or enjoying vino and cheese :)