What kind of woman needs dating advice? Isn't this stuff obvious?

Ah, we have a skeptic here… and yet here you are! Not to worry, your secret is safe with us. ;) Seriously, though. 

Some are high-achieving “career women” who need help finding balance in order to make their love lives a priority. Others seek Matthew's advice to create a more fulfilling life outside of their pursuit of Mr. Right.

Some women still haven’t found the romantic relationship they dream of… and others have great partners but can’t seem to figure out how to love themselves.

Some women have overcome tremendous personal struggles like loss and divorce to get back into the “dating game”… and others need help finding motivation to face the fears that hold them back from the life they want.

What Matthew teaches these incredible women (including you!) goes far beyond just tips, tricks, or even “dating advice"; he offers the tools you'll need to become your most “high value” self so you can create a lasting relationship with a man who is truly worthy of you.