I’m not looking for dating advice, but something that will help me build my confidence and set my standards better. Do you have a program like that?


It’s called The Matthew Hussey Retreat, and it’s the pinnacle of Matt’s in-depth training for women.

If you’re truly serious about change, Matt can take you through a powerful process that will quickly transform your whole life in ways you never dreamed possible.

This process will give you the two essential tools you need to achieve absolutely anything you want:

  1. A Blueprint for your ideal life 
  2. The Core Confidence to take action and create your ideal life

There are TWO WAYS to experience the process:

  • LIVE and in-person with Matt and a peer group of amazing women through 5 days of total immersion and radical transformation 

  • AT HOME, at your own pace, with unlimited access to the same powerful coaching via video and a priceless set of digital tools you can use to create change in your daily life

No matter which method of the program you decide is best for you, Matt guarantees that this intensive training will get you 10 years’ worth of life-changing results in your love life, career, and relationships…